Winter Collection

Conquista Collection

Conquista is about successfully reaching goals one step at a time.
Thus, the feminine conquest is about a woman’s demeanor, personality and determination which are synonymous with hercharacter, charm and charisma.There is nothing more sensual than the feminine force; a magnetic force that has the power toattract and conquer. This is the concept which defines the Annalisa Lippis winter collection.
Contemporary elegance, personality and strong character, combined with femininity are the dominant features of thecollection.The shoes speak to a woman who is dynamic, versatile and practical. A woman with the desire to discover, travel and getaway.
Graceful lines, soft textured leather, wearability and color are the prominent characteristics of the 5 collection pieces.
Savia is a brilliant red boot which attracts the watchful eye of anyone who recognizes feminine style and elegance. Even inblack, Savia accentuates and perfects.
The collection includes a range of loafers starting with the Presentosa, the Antea, the Micola and finally the Livia with its delicate ankle strap.
Variety combined with quality makes any woman’s choice a difficult one. The collection reminds us that an elegant woman does not just walk; she takes winning strides, conscious of her ability to conquer the world.