Summer Collection

QuintEssence Collection

For Aristotle, the quintessential element after air, earth, water and fire was ether, the heavenly state of absolute pleasure.
The Annalisa Quintessence Collection celebrates ether by enhancing perfection hidden in every woman. It exposes her heavenly femininity. Her walk is triumphant; strong, sensual, confident, never vulgar. The Quintessence Collection embodies uniqueness and sensuality. This is why this summer the Quintessence designer footwear range has included 5 exquisite designs to suit each and every woman. The refined designs project elegance, sensuality and charm that only the Made in Italy brand can emulate.

summer thong shoes


Aymelina is a thong/flip flop which uses precision evident in lines which intersect each other perfectly. In summer colours, sky blue, aquamarine and platinum, the Aymelina, in its simplicity, is a statement piece.

elegant summer sandal by annalisa lippis


Corelia is a sky blue and platinum sandal. The heel expresses a feminine lightness which is not only comfortable but also elegant.

elegant court shoe by annalisa lippis

Antea in Skin

Antea in Skin is a classic court shoe that every woman deserves to have in their closet. It compliments every outfit beautifully!

elegant Sandal pump by annalisa lippis


Ismerelda is a blend of soft colours: lilac, aquamarine, sky blue, skin and platinum. An impressive heel adds further elegance to a dynamic combination of colour and style.

elegant peep toe shoes by annalisa lippis

Livia in Coral

Livia in Coral is an elegant and sophisticated design with a refined strap around the ankle. Soft and wavy lines add lightness and charm to this delicate yet robust shoe.

summer Loafer by annalisa lippis shoes


Presentosa, in black and lilac, is a light weight moccasin with the imprint of a heart and star; the signature mark of the Abruzzi pendant, traditionally used to symbolise a pledge of love.