Inspirational and world class Made in Italy footwear.

The quality and value, the fit and finish are the tangible results embodied in the artisanal footwear, Annalisa Lippis.

Handmade in Abruzzo and Marche, and using avant-garde techniques, the made- to- fit footwear range reaches outstanding levels of exceptional craftsmanship. From fabrics to leathers, from sole to heel, the process has followed strict guidelines and procedures most evident in the precision of the stitching and the perfection of the upper. The artisans who have made these shoes prove that 100% Italian manufacturing is still the most steadfast guarantee in the world.The special techniques used in the manual assembly of the upper and the sole has produced a high quality product which has a flexibility that is impossible to replicate in industrially made soles.

The Made In Italy collection draws inspiration from a changing world. The designs are the result of years of research in comfort, material suitability, flexibility and durability creating a niche-oriented footwear which is both unique and exclusive.
ANNALISA LIPPIS creations are exclusive; respecting the desire of every woman to feel unique and special by wearing something that is difficult to replicate.…just like her personality.