About Us

Elegance is never showy; it is more like a feminine whisper reflecting the personality of each individual woman.

When creative impulse and cosmopolitan flare meets “Made in Italy” craftsmanship, excellence is born.  
The brand Annalisa Lippis, tells the story of a woman who loves sobriety, charm, and refinement without sacrificing practicality and fit. The result is a product of high quality; the fruit of hard work and constant research into materials and designs that last.

The exceptional attention to detail reflects the reputation of the Made in Italy trademark. But, above all, Annalisa Lippis designs are a symbol of passion for those women who want to amaze… most of all, them selves!
It is to them that Annalisa Lippis dedicates her timeless collection.

The dynamic and linear designs, the choice of colours and materials have resulted in shoes that seem to be suspended between the past and the present. The tradition of master handmade craftsmanship, Made in Italy, is immediately recognizable in the maniacal precision to finishes, adding both durability and value to the product.

Innovation lies in continuous research and dedication to comfort, a dominant feature of the Annalisa Lippis footwear design. After all, style and elegance are always a pleasure, never a sacrifice.

Annalisa Lippis, the young artistic director and founder of the brand, has always felt her very strong Italian origins, even with in the context of her home and country of birth, Australia. Her curiosity and interest in people and different cultures, and her passion for shoes and the world of fashion have led her to explore different parts of the world; Asia, America, and Europe, where she lived and studied in Milan for several years attending the prestigious school Ars Sutoria. After a series of publications of her drawings, she began an intense collaboration of works with Vibram, Anci (National Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers) and Mattori (Trend Research), Under Armour and Chinook Boots, just to name a few.

What seemed a simple passion had become excellence and perfection in the shape of a shoe. Today, thanks to a talented team of artisans, she is ready to whet the appetite of women all over the world with her enticing collection.

The trademark Made in Italy is a universal language understood in every part of the world to express quality, style and classic design in footwear. These are the qualities reflected in the Annalisa Lippis logo, la “Presentosa” Abruzzese.  A story which began in the 1800s when young brides to be were given a pendant in gold or silver as a pledge of love. The pendant was a star with a heart in the centre. Today it has become the signature trademark of a line of shoes that move toward the future, without forgetting their origins and traditions.